Company Overview

Xylitol Canada, Inc. emerged in 2004 as a reseller and distributor of Xylitol and Xylitol products. Based in Toronto, Ontario, the company continued to grow and develop additional brands under the names Sweet Diabetic Delight and Xylitol Canada. Realizing the market potential for high quality, readily available, and consistently priced Xylitol and Xylitol products, the Company broadened its strategic vision in 2009.

Realizing that the void in the Xylitol market was based on inadequate supply and lack of awareness, the company initiated a 2-tier business expansion plan that sought to solve both of these problems. With the vision of a full scale North American Xylitol production facility as a critical element of this strategy, the Company reached out to the Capital markets and formally went public in April of 2010. With the capital base to aggressively address the marketplace, the company immediately began executing its business plan.

The first move came in August 2010 when Xylitol Canada, Inc. purchased strategic assets from Colorado based Emerald Forest Sugar, Inc. This acquisition immediately put the company in a position to effectively manufacture and distribute products form the Colorado facility. Through product development, expansion, and a continued focus on direct marketing, this has provided the company with the core vehicle to rapidly grow Xylitol awareness at the consumer, wholesale, and retail level.

With the first element of the strategy undertaken through this acquisition, the focus shifted promptly to the larger portion of the business plan – a full scale production facility. With a revamped facility and staff running the US operation – now under the Xylitol USA, Inc. moniker – management began to shift attention to the Xylitol manufacturing plant. In conjunction with some key Joint venture partners (link that to Corporate page) the Company has entered into late stage negotiations to secure the location for the production plant to exploit its proprietary  production process to produce Xylitol in a sustainable, environmentally friendly, scalable fashion.

The Company is ahead of schedule on both tiers of its business plan by every metric and expects to continue to bolster Xylitol awareness  throughout North America in concert with the building and completion of the production plant – growing the worldwide appetite for the ingredient it plans to ultimately produce at commercial levels for it’s own uses and for resale to other large manufacturers of naturally sugar free products throughout the world.