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Hello! Magazine Canada’s Essentials Guide: Xyla Xylitol Mints

balancing your blood sugar on CTV Canada with Andrea donsky from naturally savvy

balancing your blood sugar with xylitol on breakfast television

Fed Up By Katie Couric: Katie Couric explains how junk food is high jacking our brains

Daytime Toronto: Dr. natasha turner explains the benefits of xyla xylitol

MACLEAN’S: Death By Sugar: How the sweet killer is fuelling the biggest health crisis of our time


Daytime Toronto

Rogers TV (Aug 2013) – Julie Reid from Xylitol Canada appears with Mari Loewen from Anna Magazine to make some delicious recipes using North American hardwood derived Xyla xylitol.

Daytime Ottawa

Rogers TV (June 2013) –  Xylitol Canada’s Julie Reid and naturopath Helene Huot discuss the benefits of Xyla xylitol and share great summer recipes using Xyla.

Is Sugar Toxic?

60 Minutes (May 4th, 2013) – Sugar is the most addictive substance on earth. It’s also the most dangerous and toxic substance anyone can consume. Sugar has similar affects on the brain like cocaine. Heart disease, cancer, diabetes type II and many more are linked to processed sugar.

Sugary Drinks Linked To 180,000 Deaths Worldwide

CNN (March 19, 2013) – “One in every 100 deaths from obesity-related diseases is caused by drinking sugary beverages,” says study author Gitanjali Singh, a postdoctoral research fellow at the Harvard School of Public Health.

Sugar industry’s secret documents echo tobacco tactics

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Our obsession with sugar, salt and fat

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The Beverage Whisperer’s Five Microtrends to Watch in 2013

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Sweet Sodas and Soft Drinks May Raise Your Risk of Depression, Study Finds

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Time to Toss the Floss

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Dental hygiene therapies: The value of xylitol

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Toxic Sugar

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In Pursuit of Sweetness

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Tax ‘toxic’ sugar, doctors urge

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