Investor Relations

Xylitol Canada is a natural sweetener company that manufactures 100% North American derived xylitol products under the brand name Xyla.

The company began in 2004 as Sweet Diabetic Delight, and after the acquisition of several established xylitol confectionary companies, launched as Xylitol Canada. What makes Xyla unique in a market saturated with made-in-China corn-based xylitol is the fact that it is made in North America with hardwood trees. All xylitol is not created equally, and today’s socially and environmentally conscious consumers want the superior home-grown product.

Xylitol Canada is approaching the xylitol market using a two-pronged approach. Working on producing xylose using innovative technologies will lead to a stabilized and low-cost supply of xylitol, but the North American market first needs to be educated on the health benefits that can be realized by switching from sugar to a natural alternative like xylitol, which we are achieving through public relations campaigns and a strong media presence.

An aggressive product development and distribution strategy creating exponential revenue growth has seen the company become one of the leading xylitol product manufacturers in North America. Xylitol Canada is committed to maintaining that growth while continuing to pioneer their ground-breaking xylose technology. Common shares of Xylitol Canada are traded on the TSX Venture Exchange.